The command form of a verb is used to tell someone to do or not to do something.
Commands are also referred to as the IMPERATIVE mood. (EL IMPERATIVO)

Affirmative informal commands for Tú and vosotros have their own endings.
The affirmative informal commands are derived from the present indicative tú form minus the -s ending.

Present indicative
Contestas el teléfono. (You answer the phone.)

Contesta el teléfono. (Answer the phone!)

Negative informal commands are derived from the present subjunctive.
No contestes el teléfono. ( Don't answer the phone.)

Vosotros commands
Contestad el teléfono.
No contestéis el teléfono.

Ud. Uds. and Nosotros Commands use the present subjunctive.
Conteste Ud. el teléfono.
No conteste el teléfono.


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Tú Irregulares Afirmativos


Usted Irregulares
Sea - be
Vaya - go
De - give

In affirmative nosotros commands the final s of the verb ending is dropped when the reflexive pronoun
NOS or the pronous SE is added.

Sentémonos (let's sit down)
Vámonos (let's go)
Quedémonos (let's stay)
Hagámoselos (let's make them for him)

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