Adjectives and Nouns

The adjective is the word who describes the subject and tell us information about it.

  • The adjective is always behind or after the subject and can be single or plural.
  • The Adjectives also describe nouns.
  • Adjectives change endings to match the nouns they modify.

  1. El carro de mi papa esta bonito.
  2. Mi cama es pequeña.

-But also the adjectives can be plural or single & to make the adjective plural just add "S"
----------------nouns Adjectives
  1. Los Arboles Son Verdes - The Trees Are Green
  2. Los Perros Son Malos - The Dogs Are Bad
  3. Los Arboles Son Altos - The Trees Are Tall
  • The Spelling of an adjective doesn't change when describing masculine and feminine nouns, or singular and plural nouns.

Noun & Adjectives
  1. Hombre GRANDE
  2. Carro BONITO
  3. Arbol VERDE
  4. Casa BONITA

A noun is the name of a person, place, thing, or idea. Whatever exists in the world.

Here is a quiz of adjectives :