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The past subjunctive and conditional:
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When you create the past subjunctive you need to use the stem of the they form of the preterite. Down below, are examples of ir in preterite form.

Small tip:

In every sentence there is a independent clause and a dependent. You may also have the result clause.
The independent clause is a sentence that can stand by itself with a complete meaning. .
A dependent clause cannot stand by itself and it needs the independent clause to complete a full idea.
Pretirite table of fui.

To change it to past subjunctive one has to cut out the -RON out of Fueron.

One is left with Fue, and you put in RA. Next, you have Fueran.


Si ellos fueran a la casa, podrian ponerse un abrigo mas caliente.

If you want to add the result clause,then you can add to the sentence:

Si ellos fueran a la casa, podrian ponerse un abrigo mas caliente.

Si tu estudiaras mas, sacarias mejores notas.
If you had studied more, you would have received better grades.(You don't receive good grades.)

Si tu hubiaras estudiado mas, habrias sacado mejores notas.
If you had studied more, you would have received better grades.( You didn't receive good grades.)

Small tip: If you noticed, the present subjuctive is never used in a si clause.
(ojala que traiga, venga,vaya)
Example of si clause in present tense:
If I go to the party i will bring soda-Si yo voy a la fiesta, yo traeré gaseosa.

A conditional sentence has a condition(si clause) and a result clause.

Using present conditional- :Si necesito dinero, se lo pido a mi padre.-If i need money, i'll ask my dad for some.
Using past conditional: Si necesitara dinero, se lo pediria a mi padre.

Using present conditional: Si nos levantamos tarde, no llegaremos a tiempo.
Using past conditional: Si nos levantariamos tarde, llegariamos a tiempo.

Some subjunctives are also used in if statements.

Usted lo trata como si fuera un perro. You treat him as if he were a dog.(But he really isn't.)

You try translating this one from English to Spanish.

(PAST)He looked at me as if i had committed a crime.(But he didn't)

----Answer: El me miró como si yo hubiera cometido un crimen.

(PRESENT)- Esta joven compra cosas como si fuera rica!!

This young rich girl buys things as if she was rich.

A polite way to talk to someone with conditional would be:

Deberiamos verlo.---We should see it.

Pudiera usted hacerlo hoy.---Could you do it today?


Write what YOU have done in these circumstances using the conditional in Spanish:

Example: Ir de compras/comprar un regalo.
Si fuera de compras, compraría un regalo para mis padres.

Visitar un parque:

Hacer un viaje:

Gastar mucho dinero:

escribir una novela:

Conocer a un actor(Una actriz):

Construir una casa:

ganar la lotería:

ser médico:

Write what your grandfather would have done in these circumstances:

Vivir en la ciudad:
Si hubiera vivido en la ciudad, hubiera ido al teatro.

Ahorrar dinero:

Practicar un deporte:

tener un propio negocio:

Viajar por todo el mundo: