Hopes, Wishes, Recommendations... By: Beth King

  • The use of hopes, wishes, and recommendations brings on the subjunctive!
  • Subjunctive is used for situations where things are possible but not certain. Subjunctive is not a tense, it is a mood that refers to uncertainty.
  • To Form the Subjunctive:
1. Take the yo form of the present tense
2. take off -o
3. Add the opposite ending

Example: Tener (he/ she form)
1. Tengo
2. Teng

What Brings on the subjunctive:

Quiero que....I want that
Espero que.... I hope that
Recomiendo que...I recommend that
Pido que....I ask that
Ojalá que...May allah let it be

Mira el video para mas ejemplos...