When expressing a need, the subjunctive mood is used because the speaker has no control over whether their need or desire for someone to complete a task will be met.

An example of the subjunctive mood used to express need in English:
I ask that you stop at a red light.
The speaker inicates the need for the car to stop at the red light. However, the speaker cannot control whether or not the car will stop (Oh no!).

In spanish, expressing need in the subjuctive follows the same conjugation as other subjunctive verbs.

Present Subjunctive:

  • -ar verbs:
  • -e, -es, -e, -emos, -éis, en

  • -er and -ir verbs:
  • -a, -as, -a, -amos, -áis, -an

Some example sentences of using the subjunctive mood for expressions of need

Es importante que tú estudies mucho en Biología.
It is imporant that you study in Biology.

Es necesario que ella no saque la basura hoy.
It is necessary that she does not take out the trash today.

Cuando el cuento empieza, es necesario que él lea muy fuerte.
When the story begins, it is necessary that he reads very loud.

It is important to note that when something is needed in general, the infinitive form of the verb is used.
Es necesario que todos los braceros trabajen hoy.
It is necessary that all of the laborers work today.
Es necesario trabajar hoy.




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